Luxoderm Anti Aging Cream

We all tend to say that the imperfections that populate our face are somehow inevitable. But thanks to advances in research, the specialists better understand the mechanisms behind these spots, redness, discoloration (abnormal pigmentation), shadows or marks related to acne which unfortunately tends to accentuate with age. Defects that alter the beauty of skin, regardless of skin tone. Contrary to popular belief, the darker skin may appear dull and such stains may reveal it. It is against all these inconveniences Luxoderm has launched the Perfection Serum Mission. It is applied morning and night before your treatment, and adapts to all skin types thanks to its universal shade coral.

A Little Science

In studying the operation of thousands of cells that interact at the skin, Luxoderm highlighted the role of exosomes kinds messengers between keratinocytes and melanocytes. The problem is that these exosomes convey “bad” messages in case of aggression (UV ray or inflammation). They are responsible for the overproduction of melanin (additional 25%), and thus stains. The mission of Mission Perfection Serum Luxoderm is precisely to fight the pigmentary disorder by reducing the overproduction of melanin by restoring the “good” messages between cells.

Bye Bye Stains

To achieve this, Luxoderm uses Acerola, a small wild cherry prized by Amazonian Indians. The researchers found that it had the power to block the famous “bad” messages by acting on exosomes and so stop the overproduction of melanin responsible for the appearance of the spots. Result: the natural production level is restored, that is, your natural skin tone is respected. Perfection Serum Luxoderm Mission also partners some Acerola technology through hexylresorcinol, a reference anti-blemish molecule, which stops at source training spots.In one month, 80% of the 300 women who tested the product have observed an attenuation of their spots!

Farewell Redness

Redness are the result of an alteration of the blood capillaries. To avoid them, so this is to stimulate the cutaneous microcirculation. To achieve this objective, the Mission Perfection Serum Luxoderm uses the extract of Ginkgo Biloba, a plant rather exceptional as it is one of the few to have survived the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima in Japan. Finally, the reflection of light is restored on blood pigments.

Hello Smoothed Skin Texture

For a zero defect skin and a uniform complexion, Mission Perfection Serum Luxoderm gave himself one last challenge: smooth skin texture.This is important because often the thickening of the stratum corneum prevents the reflection of light and dull skin. With gentle fruit acids in the care, pigmentation defects are erased, skin is illuminated and the complexion unified. In just one week, 84% of women report having a more radiant complexion. It’s your turn!

Optimized Results

Associate UV screen More Anti-Pollution SPF 50 for added stain protection. The ideal city car multi-protection: invisible and effective, it protects from UV harm, free radicals and pollution to prevent the appearance of stains and maintain the uniformity, brightness and youthfulness of the skin. To be applied over the day cream and before makeup, it may also be used in retouching the day on makeup.